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Benefits and Allowances for older people

by superadmin on 11 June, 2012

The Sun has launched a campaign to ‘ditch benefits for the rich’, saying that items like bus passes and the Winter Fuel Allowance should be taken from millionaire pensioners. There are no plans to remove such benefits. The Coalition Agreement clearly states: “We will protect key benefits for older people such as the winter fuel […]

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What interests you?

by superadmin on 4 June, 2012

Generally, one can get by without politics. It is at best an amusing sideshow on the news of an evening, or, at worst, something to blame when you haven’t had a pay rise in years. However, I think this sort of attitude, although both pervasive and understandable, is simply nonsense. Politics is important, and the […]

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Standing up for fair pensions for everyone

by superadmin on 2 June, 2012

There has been a lot of talk of the coalition getting it wrong on pensions, since the budget. This, to me, seems to be because the media, in search of a fantastic headline, refuses to be didactic as opposed to outrageous. There is no ‘granny tax’. All there is is a proposal for a single, […]

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Listening on the doorstep

by superadmin on 28 May, 2012

An old friend recently complimented me on my hard work as a Lib Dem. I was quite embarrassed as I don’t feel that I do that much, and I know others who do more. As a Lib Dem voter with a full time job, four children, and very little time to be politically active, he […]

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Is it time to join us?

by superadmin on 25 May, 2012

Over the weekend, and the following weeks I hope to be getting out and meeting people, both in this area and further afield helping our Tunbridge Wells branch with their by-election (June 17th). I tentatively ask the question, on the doorstep – you have voted for us, would you like to do more?… Would you, […]

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Asking the questions around Social Mobility

by superadmin on 23 May, 2012

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has unveiled the Coalition Government’s Social Mobility Strategy. The new strategy aims to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to fulfil their potential, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. I believe this has the potential to be quite exciting, and very relevant at a time when money is tight, jobs […]

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