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Information about water usage for the future

by superadmin on 2 July, 2012

Southern Water’s Metering Programme – June 2012 The South East has been classed by the government as an area of water stress. Population growth will continue to increase the demand for water, whilst at the same time climate change is likely to mean drier summers and more frequent droughts. That means we need to stretch […]

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Sustainable recycling

by superadmin on 19 June, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Huhne wrote in the Guardian about the need for ‘green growth’ – finding and supporting ways to grow the economy that prioritise sustainability of resources, not simply because it is a feel good thing to do, but because, increasingly, this will become the currency – there will be no […]

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The weather looks a bit ominous for the Jubilee weekend, but I know that that won’t stop people celebrating. Local residents in Upper Beeding are organising a Talent Competition, Children’s Party and Tug of War on the 2nd June in the Memorial Playing Fields. Commemorative mugs will be given to each child that attends. There […]

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Helping out

by superadmin on 30 May, 2012

Last night my 14 year-old and I went to Pembury, north-east of Tunbridge Wells, to offer a couple of hours to a fellow Lib Dem team, where David Neve is hoping to get elected to Kent County Council on June 14th. David is a hard-working special needs teacher who has been a Borough Councillor for […]

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Listening on the doorstep

by superadmin on 28 May, 2012

An old friend recently complimented me on my hard work as a Lib Dem. I was quite embarrassed as I don’t feel that I do that much, and I know others who do more. As a Lib Dem voter with a full time job, four children, and very little time to be politically active, he […]

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Building on our own expertise

by superadmin on 27 May, 2012

I was lucky enough to visit Moscow, just for one week at the beginning of the 1990s, around the time of the fall of communism. One of the things I remember is seeing elderly people crying openly in the streets – my friend told me they were crying because the world they knew, the state […]

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Do you live in the town or the country?

by superadmin on 26 May, 2012

Today, like many people I imagine, I have been out walking. What a beautiful day it has been! And how wonderful to walk along verdant footpaths surrounded by cow parsley, with the sun filtered by the new leaves on the trees.  So I am in the country. All agreed? I thought so, as I walked […]

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