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by superadmin on 2 July, 2012

Southern Water’s Metering Programme – June 2012

The South East has been classed by the government as an area of water stress. Population growth will continue to increase the demand for water, whilst at the same time climate change is likely to mean drier summers and more frequent droughts. That means we need to stretch our water resources further.

The installation of 500,000 meters by the end of 2015 will reduce the amount of water people use to the extent that it would take until 2035 to return to today’s levels of water use, even allowing for population growth in the region and the additional demand on water resources.

On average, households with a water meter tend to use 10 per cent less water and most believe that metering is the fairest way to charge for water as people pay for what they use.
By 2015, more than 9 out of 10 households in our region will be metered, compared to the current rate of about 40 per cent.

As the programme continues, customers will be converted to metered charges three months after their meter has been installed, to give them time to adjust to having a meter. At this time customers will be sent a letter advising them of the switch, as well as what their final Rateable Value bill is.

Six months after the meter has been installed, the customer will receive a letter explaining how much water the household is using and how much their first metered bill is likely to be.

All customers will also receive information on ways to save water and energy in their homes and take control of their bills.

Between April 2012 and March 2013, metered customers will pay £1.134p per 1,000 litres (cubic metre) of water and £2.08p per 1,000 litres of wastewater.

Our average metered water and sewerage bill is £391 for 2012/2013.

Customers can carry out a free online Home Saver Check, as well as find advice and practical information on water saving at Southern Water’s metering website:

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