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Tories failing our children

by jessicasproxtonmiller on 25 April, 2013

In today’s Independent, David Laws, Schools Minister, writes a piece about the take up and uses of the Pupil Premium. We ran a piece on this last year in our local Focus. West Sussex County Council is mentioned in David’s piece, but not in a good way. West Sussex is one of six Conservative-run Councils […]

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Parish Council meets this Tuesday

by superadmin on 10 June, 2012

At 7.30 pm Upper Beeding Parish Council will meet at Bramber and Beeding Village Hall. You are invited to attend, either to raise an issue that you feel needs council attention, or just to find out what is going on. Neighbourhood Wardens and our Councillors from District and County will be there. There is also […]

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Building on our own expertise

by superadmin on 27 May, 2012

I was lucky enough to visit Moscow, just for one week at the beginning of the 1990s, around the time of the fall of communism. One of the things I remember is seeing elderly people crying openly in the streets – my friend told me they were crying because the world they knew, the state […]

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Do you live in the town or the country?

by superadmin on 26 May, 2012

Today, like many people I imagine, I have been out walking. What a beautiful day it has been! And how wonderful to walk along verdant footpaths surrounded by cow parsley, with the sun filtered by the new leaves on the trees.  So I am in the country. All agreed? I thought so, as I walked […]

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