Benefits and Allowances for older people

by superadmin on 11 June, 2012

The Sun has launched a campaign to ‘ditch benefits for the rich’, saying that items like bus passes and the Winter Fuel Allowance should be taken from millionaire pensioners.

There are no plans to remove such benefits. The Coalition Agreement clearly states: “We will protect key benefits for older people such as the winter fuel allowance, free TV licences, free bus travel, and free eye tests and prescriptions.”

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, has said that he believes that, during these difficult times for everyone, and if it becomes a stark choice between vulnerable pensioners and millionaire pensioners, he will choose to help those who clearly need it most. The only changes made to such allowances, therefore, will be in that direction.

At present, 450,000 pensioners are getting Winter Fuel Allowance and are higher-rate taxpayers
It has been estimated that 100,000 older people with incomes above £100,000 are recipients.
65,000 expatriates are paid the allowance, more than 30,000 of these live in Spain.

The Liberal Democrats in Coalition are working for a fair and equitable society, and will make no changes at all without consultation and scrutiny within the Party, with stakeholders and within Government.

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